Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards

Teach yourself to read and interpret VORs at a glance

Radically improve your ability to use VORs in the air!

A must for any private, commercial, or instrument pilot seeking VOR proficiency

Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance
Finally, a way to learn and really use VORs!

Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards are designed to show any pilot how to look at a VOR receiver and read it at a glance. There is no time in the cockpit to spend slowly analyzing the CDI needle and To/From indicator. You need to be able to read course, radial, and location information with just a quick glance at the VOR receiver.

Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards will teach you:

  • The difference between VOR courses and VOR radials
  • What the VOR does not show you
  • The best way to think about the course deviation indicator
  • Inbound vs. outbound course indications
  • How to instantly know your position relative to the VOR
  • Tricks for reading interception courses right off the VOR

After years of teaching student pilots about VORs, I finally realized that teaching them to interpret the VOR was not enough.  Pilots need to be able to look at a VOR and read the information immediately.  It is just like when you first learned how to read.  There is a big difference between the ability to sound the words out and the ability to look at a work and simply read it.  Pilots need to be able to "read" the VOR!

Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards are the perfect solution to this problem.  On the front of each quiz card is a question and a VOR display.  On the back of the card is the answer to the question, an explanation of the answer, a map-view showing the locations of the aircraft and the VOR, and visual guidance on how to see the answer more quickly on the VOR.  Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards are the perfect visual solution for a visual problem!

For just $39.95, you can be on your way to becoming a master of VORs!
Here is what is included in Dyer's VORs-at-a-Glance Flash Cards:

  • Over 160 quiz cards in increasing levels of difficulty
  • In-depth guidance on how to answer each type of question
  • Tips and tricks that teach you new, faster ways to read and interpret VORs
  • 14 card sections ranging from basic VOR concepts to in-flight navigation challenges
  • Real-world questions with VOR displays to read and interpret
  • All answers are fully diagrammed on the back to improve your spatial sense and
    your situational awareness

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