Flight Training Workbook for Private Pilots

The companion workbook to the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook

The workbook that every student pilot should have

The best way to learn and understand the material in the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook

Flight Training Workbook for Private Pilots
Prepare yourself for training flights!

The Flight Training Workbook is a set of exercises and study questions matched chapter by chapter to the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook. Student pilots and flight instructors use the workbook in preparation for training flights to better prepare students for the lessons to be learned in the air.

Flight training is expensive.  Use your time in the air wisely!

Good preparation on the ground will enable you and your instructor to make better use of the time you spend in the air.  Students using the Flight Training Workbook arrive at their preflight briefing already exposed to the important concepts from the training texts. Instructors can review the students' understanding before the flight and allow the in-flight time to be put to best use.  The study questions and exercises in the Flight Training Workbook allow students to mentally practice for the flight and gain a better understanding of the maneuvers.

Better homework assignments make for better instruction!

Often, preparing for a flight lesson can be a challenge.  Reading chapters of the Airplane Flying Handbook can be good, but sometimes boring.  And a simple read through does not give student pilots a chance to work with the ideas in their heads.  What is better?  A workbook with simple, guiding study questions and exercises reinforces important concepts and lets the student work with the concepts to gain a deeper understanding of the ideas.  Instructors and students using the Flight Training Workbook for homework assignments before flight ensure that students are exposed to all of the right topics and have a richer working knowledge of the material.
How should you use the Flight Training Workbook when working with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)?

The Flight Training Workbook is a great tool for CFIs to guide students to better preflight preparation. Before each flight lesson students should:

  • Ask their instructor what section of the Flight Training Workbook to work on.
  • Read the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook chapter on that topic.
  • Work their way through the Flight Training Workbook questions and exercises.
  • Arrive at the flight lesson ready to be quizzed by the CFI.

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