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Designing flight training tools that take into consideration
how people think and learn
About Us
Dan Dyer is a flight instructor and flight school owner living and flying in the San Francisco Bay Area, certified in both airplanes and helicopters.

After receiving his MBA and having a career in management consulting and software marketing, he left the corporate world to focus on aviation.  Throughout his many careers, he developed a reputation for being a charismatic public speaker and an effective educator.  In one way or another, he has been involved in classroom training and one-on-one instruction for over 20 years.

While doing his own flight training, Dan was struck both with the amount of information pilots are expected to know and how ineffectively some of the information is taught.  Safety as a pilot depends on being able to actually know and use all the information your instructor is telling you, not just memorizing it for a few weeks prior to your checkride.  With his passion for training effectiveness and his degree in Cognitive Science from UCLA, Dan spends a lot of time trying to understand how people think and learn and creating flight training tools using those insights.

After several stints with various flying clubs as a flight instructor, Dan set out to create an appropiate aviation experience of his own accord. Dan now runs the San Carlos Flight Center and pushes his passion for aviation further across the bay area aviation community.  With a variety of flight instructors accompanying him at the flight center, Dan effectively trains new student pilots on a daily basis in their preparation for the checkride.  Dan also offers amazing aerial tours of the San Francisco Bay Area and leaves many customers eager to return to see the bay from the air once again.  Dan's enthisiasm for aviation is resonated in the flight center's resounding motto: Safety, Community, Adventure.

Always learning, one of Dan’s favorite experiences is when he sees flight instructors sharing their training methods with other flight instructors.  Dyer Flight is based on that vision and the belief that effective learning can be fun.

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