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Dyer Flight was formed as a way to share more effective flight training tools, developed over years of flight instruction, with pilots from around the world.
Client Quote

"To my surprise, Dan Dyer's Ground School Workbook material and teaching style had me thinking much more like a pilot in training than a student preparing to pass a written test. I aced my test in large part due to the course, but it was the confidence I gained from his training modules and how I was able to apply the knowledge effectively in flight training that was most important to me."

  - T. McMurtry

Teach yourself ground school with the workbook companion to the FAA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. It is filled with practice questions and exercises that help pilots focus on the important information, and have fun while doing it.

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Prepare for your training flights with the workbook companion to the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook. Complete the study questions to help you arrive ready for your flight training session.

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Learn to read VORs at a glance with this structured set of 168 flash cards. There is no better way to improve your ability to use VORs in the cockpit.

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Why choose Dyer Flight training tools?

Because they work. Although there are many flight training books and tools on the market, not all are focused on effective education. Many books will devote paragraphs to describing key concepts, without any attempt to make the information easy to learn, memorize, or use. At Dyer Flight, we measure our performance by your results.

  • Simple language that is easy to understand
  • Complex ideas approached via the building-block method
  • Visual representations whenever possible
  • Exercises to practice ideas and develop reflexes for

Everything at Dyer Flight has been designed with a focus on finding the right way to enable you to recall the information, so you can actually use it in the air.

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